Support association

Education and upbringing have always been a central concern of sponsoring associations. The integration of children and young people from other cultures and nationalities into the school landscape is certainly always closely linked to this. The aim of supporting projects is to enrich school life in as many different ways as possible. The world of information has been changing for years. We would like to do justice to this change with a presentation of the association. In the past, printed media in paper format were of great value in a family home. Today, almost every household has a PC. In the age of digitalization and speed, they are a practical thing. Wikipedia now enables almost every household to access information directly. So let's use Wikipedia to objectively introduce our support association at the WvSG: "A support association differs from a traditional association in that the purpose of the association does not focus on the immediate 'joy of doing', for example, club events or joint sports activities of the members, but rather on the acquisition of donations and the cultivation of relationships and advertising for the activities of others. Sponsoring associations often see themselves as a network between a group of active members and potential sponsors from the business world." Wikipedia, 2.17.

The willing support of our members, now 25% of parents of pupils at the grammar school, and the generous support of sponsors in the past, make our work possible. The purchase of seating blocks in the foyer, lockers in the classrooms, computers, musical instruments, French literature and projects such as "Theater against Bullying", lectures by various speakers and the school newspaper are just a few of the measures that are regularly or individually financially supported by the Förderverein. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members, sponsors and volunteers of the association. With the help of these supporters, the Förderverein would like to continue to focus on the aspects of supporting and challenging.

Supporting... all students and thus, for example, the creation of support plans for learning difficulties by our trained teachers in close cooperation with the officially recognized student coaching according to the Osnabrück model by Dr. Bickmann and much more.

Challenging... a modern school life with a focus on intellectual and social content in a technically optimal framework. We challenge our teachers to give their best, our students to show commitment to learning and we, the Förderverein, to support both. Perhaps you would also like to support the Förderverein by donating your time or becoming a member.

Chairman: Dr. David Kasprowiak-Sibbing
Deputy Chairman: Thomas Herden
Secretary: Tatjana Winkler
Deputy Secretary: Michael Adamsky
Treasurer: Stefan Schaffner