Graduation ceremony for fourth graders

The fourth graders were escorted to the graduation ceremony in front of the main staircase today by the entire school community. The parents and Mrs. Schmeing, who led the program, were already waiting there. The motto of the day was "Like a comet". In addition to the church blessing, there were several songs that the fourth graders had rehearsed. The class teachers handed out a farewell gift and at the end everyone was able to enjoy the cake buffet prepared by the parents of the current second graders.

Farewell to the fourth graders

Today, all the children of the school met in the gym to say goodbye to the fourth graders. There were two dance performances by the OGS, the fourth graders sang three songs and the third graders performed the Maja dance, which they had rehearsed with Mrs. Buß Engemann as part of the Kulturstrolche. Afterwards, all the children who wanted to were allowed to take part in the pirate dance. At the end, the fourth graders were sent off with a rocket.

Soccer tournament for Gronau schools

On Wednesday, 12.6.2024, 8 teams from our school took part in the Primary School Cup 2024 on the soccer pitch at Laubstiege.

New board of the Bernhard-Overberg-Schule support association

At the recent meeting of the Bernhard Overberg School's support association, Bettina Kraushaar, who has been chairwoman for many years, stepped down. She had chaired the association, which was founded in 1997, since 2009. The Friends of the Bernhard Overberg School support school life in many ways. On the one hand, it helps low-income families to pay for excursions and materials, it provides financial and personnel support for school projects that benefit the entire student body and it supports the school's open all-day school. At the meeting, the association's board also gave a brief review of the past school year. In addition to small surprises for all pupils, such as the delicious ice cream or the "Stutenkerl" for St. Nicholas, the association was once again able to financially support the project of the theater pedagogical workshop for the prevention of sexual abuse. The sponsoring association is always an important pillar of the circus project, which takes place every four years. Many large items of play equipment and break-time toys were also purchased with the help of the sponsors' association. In these remarks, it once again became clear that the association lives from its members and has become an important part of school life. Following the election of the new board, the association was able to welcome Ms. Rita Meyer as first chairperson and Mr. Tobias Bürger as second chairperson. Anyone interested in joining the association can contact the principal Maria Schmeing at any time.

Front row from right to left: Nadine Hewing, Rita Meyer (1st Chairwoman), Karin Kottig (Secretary)

Back row from right to left: Marlene Krefter (assessor), Tobias Bürger (2nd chairman), Maria Schmeing (headmistress/assessor), Andrea Kuhnert-Grote (assessor), Stefan Konetzka (treasurer), Carolin Bunnefeld (assessor)

Not in the picture: Jenny Herbst (assessor)

Sports badge award ceremony on 24.5.2024

Last school year, all pupils at Bernhard-Overberg-Schule once again took on the challenge of earning the German Sports Badge. This involved a mix of different exercises in the areas of endurance, strength, speed and coordination. Swimming ability is also a prerequisite for obtaining this badge.

The sports badges in gold, silver and bronze were now presented to the children in a ceremony. To thunderous applause, principal Maria Schmeing and Mr. Dominik Mikus from Sparkasse Gronau-Epe awarded a total of 107 badges, 55 of which were bronze, 47 silver and 5 gold.

Sports festival on 23.5.2024

The Bernhard-Overberg-School in Epe was full of movement. The entire school community met on the large school grounds on Thursday, 24.5.24 to take part in a morning of sport. In addition to the disciplines for the sports badge, such as the 800-metre run, long jump or jumping rope, the program included many team and skill games. All the children, teachers and many helping parents and grandparents were on the move together that morning!

New break helpers

The new break helpers at the Bernhard Overberg School have now been certified.

These are children from the third and fourth year who, in addition to their regular supervision duties, act as contact persons for the other children during the school morning breaks. This was preceded by a qualification course together with school social worker Christiane Liebing, in which the pupils learn how to help other children during the breaks. The tasks of the break helpers include helping with minor disputes and injuries, guiding newcomers to the school playground, comforting and handing out and organizing the toy loan. The school community honored their break helpers with a big round of applause and a certificate.

Our break helpers


We also had to say goodbye to our trainee teacher Ms. Kieke. She is now a qualified teacher and can start at a new school. We wish her all the best too!


Today we had to say goodbye to our long-time school companion Ms. Miethe. We wish her all the best for the future!

It was our janitor's birthday!

Carnival 2024

Award ceremony

Mrs. Niesing from the Nature Promotion Society was at our school today, 30.1.2024, to award a prize to the third classes. Last fall, both classes studied plants along the wayside in science class and created a herbarium with more than 20 different plants. This competition entry has now been awarded the main prize. Both classes were allowed to travel to Frankenhof and spend a morning there. Following the award ceremony, all the children were able to make several seed balls from soil, clay, water and wildflower seeds. These now have to dry and can be sown outdoors from April.

Big movie days possible thanks to sponsorship association

This year, the entire school community at Bernhard-Overberg-Schule took part in the school cinema weeks, a nationwide film education program. This was made possible by the school's support association, which provided financial support for all the children. They all took the train to Gronau main station. This was also an exciting first experience for many of the children. In Gronau's Cinetech cinema, individual year groups watched selected films that were then discussed further in class.

Year 2 of the Bernhard-Overberg-Schule in front of the Gronau cinema.

Video recordings with Dennis and Dennis on 8.1.2024

As part of the Kulturstrolche project, Dennis Buss and Dennis Mätzig were at our school and made sound and film recordings with the 3a and 3b classes. Together with the other Kulturstrolche classes in Gronau, they will create a music video that will soon be available on YouTube.

Open singing on 20.12.2023

On the last day of school, Years 1 and 3 and then Years 2 and 4 met with their parents in the gymnasium. There they sang together and all classes had prepared a short performance. The Förderverein offered the waiting parents coffee and cookies in the foyer between the two performances.

Dental health campaign

In the last two weeks, the dental health campaign took place at our school. Each class had two lessons on the topic of healthy teeth. At various stations, the children learned about teeth, the structure of a tooth, how to brush teeth properly and much more.

Bicycle inspection by the police

Today it was that time again: the police were there to check all the bikes to see if the lights and brakes were working.

Light tractor

Colorfully decorated with countless lights, Christmas trees, snowmen and Santas, several tractors awaited us all in the schoolyard this morning. There was a lot to marvel at!

Collection of the Christmas parcels

Advent is a very special time at the Bernhard-Overberg-Schule every year: the school community has decorated the entire school for Christmas on a craft morning and every morning, lessons now begin for all children with a short break to sing and read aloud. During this time, the children also focus on how they can help other people. This can be small everyday help in the schoolyard, such as a cheerful laugh or help with homework, or support for the partner school in Uganda. Cooperation with the Gronauer Tafel food bank, which is once again initiating the Christmas parcel campaign this year, is also particularly important to the school community. As in previous years, the children of the Bernhard-Overberg-Schule diligently packed great parcels, which the group of break helpers, together with principal Maria Schmeing, handed over to Georg Gartmann and Manfred Lenz from the Gronauer Tafel.

Mare's cheeks, 6.12.2023

Just in time for St. Nicholas Day, there were delicious mare's cheeks for everyone! The Bernhard-Overberg-Schule support association surprised the whole school community with mare's pearls. Some children from the student parliament wrapped the delicious mare's cheeks in bags. These were then distributed to the classes. It was a great surprise that not only the children were very happy about!

Excursion to the Ketteler Hof on 11.9.2023

Today the whole school went on an excursion to Ketteler Hof. Five buses set off at 8.15 in the morning. All the children had an unforgettable day in glorious sunshine.

Surprise ice cream for everyone!

Today there was a surprise ice cream for all the children at school!

The Borken district sees yellow

The first weeks of school are over. All first-graders have received caps from the "Borken district sees yellow" campaign. With the caps on our heads, we shine in traffic and everyone can see us clearly.