School Social Work

What does school social work do?

School social work is an open and free service for pupils, parents and teachers that is independently and permanently anchored in everyday school life.

The aim is to create a pleasant and social learning atmosphere for everyone in the school environment.

The school social work service is based on voluntariness and confidentiality. This means that all issues entrusted to me are treated confidentially and are subject to a duty of confidentiality.


What are the tasks of school social work?

Advice and support for pupils:

  • You have a fight or get into trouble with your friends.
  • Something makes you sad or angry, or maybe you don't even know what this feeling is that won't leave you alone.
  • You have problems with a teacher.
  • You have problems with your parents.
  • You need a tip to solve a problem.
  • You just want to have a chat with someone.


Advice and support for parents:

  • Do you have questions about family, education or school?
  • Would you like support, but don't know HOW or WHERE you can get it?
  • School social work arranges contacts to other support services, such as counseling centers, offices (e.g. youth welfare office), etc. and accompanies parents to these services if desired.


Advice and support for teachers and school management in socio-educational issues (e.g. crisis and conflict discussions)


Cooperation in the school

  • Joint projects in the classroom for better cooperation
  • Preventive social training
  • Support with class conflicts and participation in the class council
  • Student Parliament
  • Break helpers
  • Support with the transition from nursery to elementary school and elementary school to secondary school
  • Close cooperation with the OGS and ÜMI